if you think eating animals is a personal choice
you're forgetting someone
'Not responding is a response -
We are equally responsible for what we don't do.'
Would you eat your dog? He or she is an animal you know?
So why would you eat a lamb?
Meat-eaters are twice as likely as non meat-eaters to develop heart disease
U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
'Most People i've met who weren't kind to animals weren't kind to people either. Kindness is kindness. Simple as that'
Ricky Gervais
Daily meat eaters have approximately three times the colon cancer risk, compared to those who rarely eat meat.
Harvard University
'Don't treat animals as animals,
treat them as living beings, that's what they are' Anthony Williams
tired of being fat? Meat-eaters are on average 9kg heavier than non-meat
Dr Deborah Wilson

Why do we eat animals?